Menopause, Sisterhood and Tennis

“You the only one who can say what you can and cannot do.”
—Gramma Fun

Like many women of the baby-boom generation, Alice Wilson-Fried found the specter of menopause looming over her as a sinister figure, come to take her womanhood, her mind, her energy, and her enthusiasm for life. Surrounded by popular representations of aging as a devastating illness to be fought against with all one’s strength, and seeing in medical literature the hormonal changes of menopause likened to a mental illness, she withered in despair.

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The Oral Health Bible

A Healthy Mouth Can Help a Person ěLive Ten Years Longer”
Another health revolution has arrived, says Dr. Michael Bonner in his well-researched new book The Oral Health Bible, and there is no longer any separation between mouth medicine and body medicine. The mouth is completely connected to the body, he says, and is a doorway to achieving peak health and wellness in all the body’s systems.

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Doctor Yourself

Natural Healing That Works

Don’t bother looking in the history books for what has killed the most Americans. Look instead at your dinner table. We eat too much of the wrong foods and not enough of the right foods. Scientific research continually indicates nationwide vitamin and mineral deficiencies in our country, and we spend over a trillion dollars each year on disease care. Is it any surprise that doctors consistently place among the very highest incomes?

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The Anti-Aging Revolution; Stopping the Clock

Anti-Aging Medical Secrets Allow You to Live Longer and Healthier

With medical information doubling every three and a half years, life spans of 110 to 125 years may soon be a reality. Physicians Ronald Klatz and Robert Goldman, pioneers in this brave new world of anti-aging medicine, combine cutting-edge research and the latest medical breakthroughs on longevity, with practical ways for integrating this information into your daily life—how you can live it longer, better, and healthier—to create the most comprehensive book on life extension in print today.

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