Connecting to the virtual server via SFTP protocol

Sometimes independent use of the VPS can be difficult for people who work with it for the first time. There are two of the most popular protocols, which are used by everyone – SSH and SFTP. Today’s article is going to be about the easy configuration of the SFTP protocol. 

What is the SFTP protocol and how to use it?

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is a protocol that allows copying of different files and performing other file operations from a reliable and secure connection. The protocol was developed by the IETF group as an extension to SSH-2. People use SFTP protocol only to copy important files from their computer to the VPS server. You need to know your password and server IP-address to connect to the SFTP protocol. This type of connection is safe because it is encrypted. To start the process of connecting you need to download any FTP-client, for instance, WinSCP or Filezilla. Then you need to open the application and enter the next information:

  • Password;
  • Host (server name or IP-address);
  • Port number (by default it is 22);
  • User name. 

After entering the information, press the button “Fast connecting”. If you have entered all information correctly, you will haven’t any problems. After connecting, you are ready to start copying files from your PC. 

What are the advantages of connecting via SFTP?

As you can see, the process of connecting is simple. Besides, there are many benefits of such a way of the file transfer:

  1. Complete file transfer security. The transfer is encrypted so you would not be worried about safety;
  1. There is no need for additional settings since everything is already ready;
  1. There is no need for additional software on the virtual server.

The SFTP protocol is newer and more popular than FTP, which is considered old-fashioned. The process of connecting is so simple, therefore, you won’t have any problems. Pay attention to the VPS hosting server Latvia that provides 24/7 help and fast service.

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