Create Your Website with VPS Hosting in Cyprus

VPS is a virtual private server running on a physical server and completely imitating its work.

      VPS is usually understood as the service of providing the client with a virtual dedicated server for a certain period of time, on which the client is a full administrator and has the right to install any software and operating system. On each physical server, several virtual ones can work simultaneously, each of which is independent and belongs to a separate client.

      How does VPS work?

      For the user, working on a virtual server with technical characteristics similar to a physical one is no different from working on a physical server. Administration of a VPS and a real server is completely identical: working with the file system and applications, server software, operating systems on a virtual server is exactly the same as on a physical one.

      On a VPS, you can run an unlimited number of web projects, databases, user mailboxes, any financial and accounting software, development environments, CRM, etc.

      The difference between a VPS and a real server is that several virtual servers are running simultaneously on one physical server, while the real server is a separate computer. Nevertheless, virtual servers operate independently of each other, so any failures in the operation of one VPS do not affect the operation of the “neighboring” one.

      VPS Or Dedicated Server in Cyprus?

      The choice between a VPS and a dedicated server in Cyprus depends on the scale of the tasks that it will solve. A dedicated server is a separate physical server that is located in a data center and is completely managed by you. Its main functional difference from the virtual one is the use of a separate disk system and a separate Internet channel. This ensures that users of the neighboring servers will not abuse these resources. For virtual servers, service providers use automatic control for such situations, violators can be disconnected from the VPS after warnings.

      The main advantages of a VPS over a dedicated server are lower cost and easy scalability. The latter means that you can easily add computing power to the VPS if necessary: ​​RAM and processor cores. To increase disk space, you will need to order a new virtual server and transfer data.

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