Finding the Right Hosting Provider in China

China’s e-market is the biggest one in Asia and it just keeps growing. Even considering the fierce competition, it is worth moving into this market while expanding your company’s playing field. But to stay on top you’ve got to provide great customer experience to potential clients while keeping all the data safe and secure.

What type of hosting is the best one for an e-commerce website?

As business websites are getting hundreds of sessions every day, and it is highly important that they work fast and seamless, the hosting type of choice is VPS. Why? Well, there’s a number of perks you’re getting with it, including:

  • no sharing of resources with other users which means more stability;
  • more control over your server;
  • independent backup storage for more security;
  • SSD caching for increased processing speed.

Which hosting provider is the best in China

There are a plethora of hosting services for the Asian region, however, one of the best China VPS hosting providers is HostZealot. Besides highly reliable 24/7 customer support, this company also has a number of very important qualities as for the hosting provider:

  1. Their redundant fiber feeds from different ISPs and power backups will ensure that your site is always online – no nasty emergencies.
  2. The data center where the servers are located is highly secured and also climate controlled, so your information is safe from any damage or espionage.
  3. Their servers are multiplatfrom-based so you have a choice.

We recommend choosing from one of its cost-efficient plans one with the most suitable characteristics, and you’ll always have the option to customize and upgrade as needed. This way you won’t have to worry about your site’s performance and will be able to focus on better marketing and business strategies in the competitive Asian market.

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