Picking the Color of Furniture

Picking furniture for an apartment is a crucial issue. Many first make repairs, select floors, paint for walls, wallpapers, arrange lights, sockets, and only at the last moment proceed to the selection of furniture. This is a key mistake: in this case, choosing it correctly becomes difficult. The fact is that the furniture is made in basic sizes and popular colors, but the painting of walls and the choice of wallpaper can vary almost unlimitedly. That is why it would be more convenient to first choose furniture.

      A wide variety of furniture colors means the beginning of something new. The future interior of the room depends on this, which will either please the soul and give pleasant sensations, or negatively affect the emotional state. Also, the color gives a lot of opportunities at the repair stage, because with it you can make the room visually larger, divide it into certain zones, give tenderness or aggression. Warm shades, which include yellow, red and orange, give a warm feeling, create a coziness and comfort, and visually make objects closer. Cold shades, as a rule it is blue, are more severe and calm a person at a psychological level, that is, they do not cause violent emotions and are perceived neutrally.

      Furniture of America

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