Soil and Your Health

Healthy Soil Is Vital to Your Health

The quality of your food depends on the quality of the soil in which it is grown. Is organically produced food superior to conventionally grown food? How do earthworms and trace minerals benefit soil, and the food and feed grown on it? How do intentionally applied fertilizers, pesticides, and sludge, as well as inadvertent contaminants, affect soil? This book is important reading for understanding how quality soil relates to good health.

About the Author: Beatrice Trum Hunter has written numerous books and articles on food and environmental issues. She has brought to public attention many subjects before general awareness with The Natural Foods Cookbook (1961), Gardening Without Poisons (1964), and Food Additives & Your Health (1972). As food editor of Consumers’ Research Magazine, Hunter continues to explore cutting-edge issues.

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